Wipe blades – Simple Right ! Well Not Exactly

WINDSHIELDS 001Lets start with windshield rake. On the 1996 F150 below, the windshield is rather erect with some rake.  On the vehicles above, the windshield is raked considerably. On my 1996 F150 Truck the air tends to slam into the windshield, the aggressive rake on the other autos allows the air to flow over the car smoothly.WINDSHIELDS 002   The aggressive windshield creates a problem at speed. The faster moving air was lifting the old style wiper blade off the windshield, not wiping it clean.The issue was really helped with a complete re-design. The new style now has a curve with little or no exposed metal. The curve is designed to capture the air, as it flows over the windshield, thus driving the wiper down onto the windshield.

With all this re-design, the  Auto Manufacturers changed the fastening system too. There may be times you have to order your wiper blade from the Auto Manufacturer.( most often the rear wiper ) The best way to purchase a wiper? Go to your local auto parts store (with year, make,. and model in hand and ask for an Exact Fit wipers.

The good news, the new wiper blades tend not to freeze up as quickly and really do clean  better; even on my 96 F150.

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