Why did my tires get so noisy?


The white arrows point to the worn tread. Notice 1 block has a groove and the other does not. Wheel alignment needed.

This is an interesting subject for 4×4 truck Junkies. They really like their big Knobby tires. Oooh that wonderful sound of “A REAL TIRE” spells traction to them. The average person? Well, not exactly what we are looking for on our rides.

The biggest cause of noisy tires, would be a flip between improper wheel alignment, under inflation, and a lack of tire rotation. Wheel alignment is obvious. The tire is not making “proper contact” with the highway as engineered by the manufacture. Mileage is effected and premature tire wear is imminent. One may be able to “wear” the uneven tire down by rotating the tires and performing a wheel alignment; but don’t count on it.

Under inflated radial tires, are not always so obvious. The outside edges will wear faster in this case. Thus the reason newer autos have Tire Pressure Monitoring systems. The tires should be inflated to the pressure marked on the drivers door panel and checked at least once a month. We have noticed, a tire getting more than 3 or 4 pounds below recommended inflation, will turn the light on. So far, tires over inflated, have not turned the tire monitoring light on.

Tires on the front of your car. lean to the edges when turning, particularly in slow sharp turns. This movement scuffs the edge of the tire and cause the tire edges to be “dished” out or just wear off smooth prematurely. Dished out tires  can cause significant noise as you travel down the road at speed. Proper wheel alignment and rotating the tires is the only way to prevent tires from wearing out in this fashion.. The more aggressive the tires, the more often the tires will need to be rotated. Some tires manufactures recommended every 5,000 mile tire rotation.

So why do tires get so noisy. Real simple ” plain owner neglect” Not exactly what anyone whats to hear. Paying attention to your, driving style and tire wear, can save you significant amounts of money. All providing a much safer mode of transportation in your daily commute.


Quick Question? On your car door, the recommended tire inflation is 35 PSI (pounds per square inch) but, you noticed on the tire it says 45 PSI; what would you inflate your tires to?

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