Where is my Transmission Dip Stick?




Last week we discussed how to check transmission fluid level. So what did you see/smell?  The fluid should be  red and clean. It may have a very slight burn smell, this is normal. When the fluid is either very clear, smells burnt, looks burnt, ( very dark red/ brown ), a trip to your Auto Repair center is needed. Have the technician check the fluid condition. The fluid should be, at the very least, drained a couple of times and refilled. A filter replacement and flush is best, but not always feasible. Hopefully,you will prevent a very expensive repair ($2,000.00 and up REPAIR/REPLACE ) from being needed to your transmission. If your transmission does need to come out for repair, be ready for a least a week before you see your ride again. This will all depend on the availability of parts and replacement for your transmission.

As a reminder, don’t just use any transmission fluid when doing an exchanging or flush. Topping off, with 1 pint, most likely will not hurt in a pinch.

Believe it or not, Some cars do not have a Transmission dip stick. One manufacturer has the tube, but no dip stick. The garage must purchase the universal dip stick in order to check the level of fluid in your transmission. The car with no dip stick? The car has to be level, be under the car and remove a small plug on the side of the transmission, If the fluid runs out, it is full??? You don’t know if it is over full, but you know there is fluid. The trick is getting under the level car  .

Quick Tip: If you change your oil at home, be sure your remove the correct drain plug. Some transmissions have a drain plug fairly close to the engine oil drain plug.

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