When Does My Transmission Need Service ?

transaxleCorny’s Sales & Service Inc Tech Question:
Have you ever had this happen? Your on your way to Cooks Forest State Park for a three day weekend. About half way to your campsite, the transmission go’s out on you vehicle. No surprise, It takes all weekend to your vehicle back home.

What can you do to help prevent transmission problems in the future?

Corny’s Sales & Service Inc Answer:
First -Transmission replacement is expensive any where you go . And no matter when they break down. it is always inconvenient. Just to add to the frustration, the  towing just adds more expense..

Automotive transmissions are very tough and durable when you consider the work they perform. In maintaining them, we need replace the fluid according to use. Why, the fluid gets contaminated with bits of clutch plates and metal. Dirty transmission fluid under pressure acts like liquid sandpaper, of course this damage the workings and seals in the transmission.

Another thing: when carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer, your transmission is working much harder and running hotter than under normal conditions. Your transmission fluid may need to be changed sooner. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for the “severe service schedule” or talk with your friendly and knowledgeable pros at Corny’s . Corny’s Techs. will check the condition of the fluid and discuss with you how often the fluid should be serviced.

Also if you do a lot of towing, consider adding an external transmission cooler to reduce transmission operating temperatures, extend transmission life and using Amsoil Synthetic Transmission fluid when the correct type is available.

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