Warm-Up or Not To Warm-Up Your Car

Some of us remember when the carburetor was the dominant gas delivery on our vehicles. When first starting our car, we would “pump the gas feed twice, and hopefully, the engine would start,” After starting, the engine speed would be high. We had to let the engine warm up to allow the high idle to slow down. Fortunately, with modern engine management systems, and synthetic oils, the engine warm-up is unnecessary.

Today’s modern cars are ready to go in cold temperatures without excessive idling, says the Car Care Council.

“Unless you are trying to defrost the windshield or warm the interior of your car, idling “is not required” for today’s vehicles,” said Rich White, executive director of Car Care Council. “In most cases, idling longer than 30 seconds is unnecessary. The best way to warm up your car’s engine is to drive gently at the start. Remember, also, a vehicle gets zero miles per gallon at idle. The result is lower fuel economy and wasted money.