Tire Pressure Amber Light On, Tire Pressure Is OK? Really?

Your peacefully on your vacation at last. Your cruising and notice a little amber tire looking light comes on (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor  Light – TPMS ). Nuts! You had inflated the tires according to the decal on the door. What gives? Obviously, you should pull over to the side of the road and re-check the tire inflation. Be sure to check your spare too, The center of the valve stem may have stuck when you checked the tires. allowing air to escape. But what if they are all OK?

The newer the car, the more accurate the TPMS systems have become. Personally, I drove a car in which the light only came on when traveling a certain stretch of road. The light would go out a short distance past this section; strange. Most likely a tire pressure sensor in the wheel has failed. It is possible the light on your dash has malfunctioned or the module which monitors the sensor has failed; but not very likely. It should be safe to drive the car if the tire inflation is OK.

QUICK NOTE: What is a concern; Checking the tire inflation may not go as planned. We have seen and repaired broken off tire valve stems on the some of the earlier systems. ( starting about 2005 ). The two different metals would cause the valve stem to corrode.The good news is we could repair them sometimes. The bad news; when the stem breaks off, all the air comes gushing out. This leaves you with a flat tire instantly. When checking tire pressure, wiggle the end gently. This will tell you if it is corroded and about to break off. Of course have it replaced right away. Thankfully, the valve stems have been changed to rubber in the contact area of the rim solving this issue.

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Why does the TPMS cost so much to replace?

Above is the typical Tire Pressure Sensor. Usually they have to be programmed to your particular car. The other factor; When your car can tell you which tire is low; your TPMS system has to be told about the new sensor and it’s location.(left front, left rear, etc.)  Technically This is because a certain frequency is expected to be seen by the TPMS system monitor from each wheel.

What do think happens in some cars when you rotate the tires?

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