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Tire Care

                                               Corny’s Sales & Service Inc Tech Question:  Hi, My name is Dan. My vehicle tires wore out early and I had to replace them. What can I do to make my tires last… Read more »

Another trip and another issue – I should just stay home.

Have you ever wondered “Why me”. Thousands of people fly every day with little or no issues, not a home boy like me. I won’t go into the details of the trying day, but each issue was solved as it occurred. Some wringing of the hands here and there but, I made it to the… Read more »

Save Money – Understand PA Inspection Information on your Billing

The information contained in this article is for guideline purposes only.  When looking over your PA Inspection invoice, you may have noticed the following under/beside the PA Inspection heading – TIRES: LF (4) RF (5) LR (2) RR (5) BRAKES LF (8B) RF (8B) LR (2R) RR (5R) The information is not difficult to understand… Read more »

So why are my car tires so wide? It’s not a sports car.

  Some of the complaints I’ve heard; Wider tires are usually more expensive, don’t always ride as nice and seem to wear out faster. The answer I found was not what I expected. It is true that wider tires commonly have better traction. The main reason why this is  does not relate to contact patch,… Read more »

Tire Pressure Amber Light On, Tire Pressure Is OK? Really?

Your peacefully on your vacation at last. Your cruising and notice a little amber tire looking light comes on (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor  Light – TPMS ). Nuts! You had inflated the tires according to the decal on the door. What gives? Obviously, you should pull over to the side of the road and re-check… Read more »