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Engine Oil Service

Going to ask a silly question, “When was the last time you checked the oil level in your car”? Last week, last month, or most likely not since the oil was changed. In the last year or so we have been surprised to find oil levels low, I mean two quarts low in a four… Read more »

1996 Ford F150 Survives Frozen Oil Filter!

.     Yes, you read correctly. My trucks oil filter froze off this past winter. Here is the story on why this occurred. My 1996 Ford is under severe driving conditions almost daily. Four trips a day totaling about 7 miles a day – 6 days a week. Regrettably, I dented the door in… Read more »


If you have opened your owners manual for maintenance, the words “severe and normal driving” were listed. Which is your driving type? Severe driving is likely the type most of us would fall under. I’ll list some of the conditions in no particular order. 1. short trips – 5 miles or less. 2. many start… Read more »

Synthetic Oil?

Hopefully, we are all thinking of having the oil changed and maintenance performed to our vehicles after the long winter here in Pennsylvania. One of the questions I have been asked more often recently is, do I need synthetic oil? I’ll explain what makes synthetic oil a better lubricant then conventional oil first. The oil… Read more »

What can I do when the Red Oil Light Comes On

This week we are going to discus the Red Oil Light on the dash. We will cover what should be done and what you may do to get home. When the Red Oil Light flickers or comes on steady on the instrument cluster. STOP THE CAR !!  Why stop? If you were running and all… Read more »