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When Does My Transmission Need Service ?

Corny’s Sales & Service Inc Tech Question: Have you ever had this happen? Your on your way to Cooks Forest State Park for a three day weekend. About half way to your campsite, the transmission go’s out on you vehicle. No surprise, It takes all weekend to your vehicle back home. What can you do… Read more »

Help Your Mechanic Diagnose That Rumble Noise

 Be nice to think this video would make us all super mechanics, takes a couple of more videos and a few more years of training to meet that goal. The objective here is to help us all understand, the rumble noise made by a wheel bearing, and what to do.  Ok, we all have a… Read more »

Why did my tires get so noisy?

This is an interesting subject for 4×4 truck Junkies. They really like their big Knobby tires. Oooh that wonderful sound of “A REAL TIRE” spells traction to them. The average person? Well, not exactly what we are looking for on our rides. The biggest cause of noisy tires, would be a flip between improper wheel… Read more »