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Can you get in your car with the Key?

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   Unless you have never owned an older car, this has happened to you. You’re on the way to your car, arms full of your most recent shopping spree, car key fob ready to go. You hit the magic “unlock button” and no noise – nothing. Hopefully, you pull on… Read more »

Gas powered car and Diesel Fuel – You did What???

On my plane ride home from Texas, I met a nice gentlemen from Pittsburgh. It didn’t take long to discover he too was a car guy. As we exchanged stories, one of his caught my attention. His daughters / boyfriend had filled her gas powered car with diesel fuel.   This is the Diesel Fuel… Read more »

Another trip and another issue – I should just stay home.

Have you ever wondered “Why me”. Thousands of people fly every day with little or no issues, not a home boy like me. I won’t go into the details of the trying day, but each issue was solved as it occurred. Some wringing of the hands here and there but, I made it to the… Read more »

Like Paying Pennsylvania Fines!! Probably not —-

Unless you like paying into Pennsylvania ! We have been noticing quite a few late Pennsylvania State Safety Inspections late this year. Amazingly – no fines! Dodging the bullet so far. To help remind our customers, we send out reminder cards or Emails, usually arriving the first week of the month showing on your PA… Read more »

Why did my tires get so noisy?

This is an interesting subject for 4×4 truck Junkies. They really like their big Knobby tires. Oooh that wonderful sound of “A REAL TIRE” spells traction to them. The average person? Well, not exactly what we are looking for on our rides. The biggest cause of noisy tires, would be a flip between improper wheel… Read more »

Save Money – Understand PA Inspection Information on your Billing

The information contained in this article are for guide line purposes only. Our 35 plus years of experience In the automotive world, have taught us there seems to an exception to every rule. When looking over your PA Inspection invoice, you may have noticed the following under/beside the PA Inspection heading – TIRES: LF (4)… Read more »