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Gasoline Filter

Generally speaking, there’s not a lot of dirt in the fuel supply, but there is enough it needs to be screened out. The problem gets worse the older your vehicle becomes. That’s because dirt, rust, and contaminants will settle out of the fuel and onto the bottom of the fuel tank. After a car is… Read more »

Gasoline – Does which one really Matter?

Our cars have changed from end to end. No chrome bumpers, thinner side glass, and “smaller” every where you look. These are just the facts to improve fuel economy and emissions. So what does this have to do with gasoline?  If your car has the little green leaf, E85 compliant, flex fuel., or indicates ethanol… Read more »

Gas powered car and Diesel Fuel – You did What???

On my plane ride home from Texas, I met a nice gentlemen from Pittsburgh. It didn’t take long to discover he too was a car guy. As we exchanged stories, one of his caught my attention. His daughters / boyfriend had filled her gas powered car with diesel fuel.   This is the Diesel Fuel… Read more »

Fuel Additives ~ More is better, Right?

As being human, we tend to think ” if some is good, More has to be better”. Actually, when adding fuel additives, we need to be careful. The more advanced electronic engine management and fuel control, (read as newer model cars approximately 2010 and up) the more problems we can unknowingly cause.   For example, adding… Read more »

Ethanol Gasoline & Your Lawn Mower / Pleasure Toys

We have been living with 10% Ethanol in our gasoline for awhile. Each year vehicle manufactures have been adjusting right down to your lawn mower. What’s the big deal? In your auto, maybe not. We have seen damage from ethanol in some pre-2000 cars. The fuel hose and gas tank damage being the most common. Extreme… Read more »