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No risk to jump starting a car/truck? Think again.

Helping your buddy jump start his car? Are you sure you know how?? Caution: Even when following the proper connection procedure, damage to the electronics in both cars can occur. Use this procedure at your own risk. Quick tip: Most of the time, battery connections can be found under the hood of the car/truck you… Read more »

Gasoline – Does which one really Matter?

Our cars have changed from end to end. No chrome bumpers, thinner side glass, and “smaller” every where you look. These are just the facts to improve fuel economy and emissions. So what does this have to do with gasoline?  If your car has the little green leaf, E85 compliant, flex fuel., or indicates ethanol… Read more »

Gas powered car and Diesel Fuel – You did What???

On my plane ride home from Texas, I met a nice gentlemen from Pittsburgh. It didn’t take long to discover he too was a car guy. As we exchanged stories, one of his caught my attention. His daughters / boyfriend had filled her gas powered car with diesel fuel.   This is the Diesel Fuel… Read more »

Another trip and another issue – I should just stay home.

Have you ever wondered “Why me”. Thousands of people fly every day with little or no issues, not a home boy like me. I won’t go into the details of the trying day, but each issue was solved as it occurred. Some wringing of the hands here and there but, I made it to the… Read more »

Broke Down Miles From Home – Estimate is Big Dollars

Broke down close to home is irritating enough, being miles from home; Down right scary. Thank goodness for cell phones. We can make calls to receive assistance. Lets skip ahead, and say we already have a repair estimate in our hand. The Estimate is $2,000.00 to get us back on the road…. OUCH!!!  One thing… Read more »

Wipe blades – Simple Right ! Well Not Exactly

Lets start with windshield rake. On the 1996 F150 below, the windshield is rather erect with some rake.  On the vehicles above, the windshield is raked considerably. On my 1996 F150 Truck the air tends to slam into the windshield, the aggressive rake on the other autos allows the air to flow over the car… Read more »