Strange Rumble Noise?

As your car ages, unfamiliar noises begin to occur. A “rumble-like noise” is one of the more common noises we hear on a road test at our Service center, particularly on older vehicles. The sound is very distinguishable. The rumble typically gets louder as you speed up and slows as you slow down. One can usually tell which wheel is causing the noise by turning left or right on a turn at speed.

The wobbling wheel bearing can also cause an incorrect reading going to the Anti-Lock brake computer, illuminating the Anti-brake warning light. Do you need to panic? No. The Anti-Lock brake light indicates you no longer have Anti-Lock Brake function, and you usually still have regular brakes.

Have the “rumble noise” inspected at Corny’s (814-797-5937) as soon as possible, as the wheel bearing (often a hub assembly) can seize up with no warning. Remember, this information is a basic guideline only. Somehow, Vehicles tend to break most rules we make!