Spring Maintenance Is Due

It is March and winter may be not be over, regardless, winter temperatures take a toll on your ride. Here is a short list of items which should be inspected .

  1. Measure tire pressure, tread wear pattern, and depth, ( remove studded winter tires by April 15th.)
  2. Inspect front and rear wipers for wear and tear
  3. Look in the trunk for moisture and check the spare for pressure
  4. Inspect door seals for tears and lubricate with baby oil, Skin So Soft, or something similar
  5. Raise the hood and fill washer fluid reservoir
  6. Lift floor mats and sweep thoroughly
  7. Leave floor mats out of car and roll windows down to dry carpet ( placing a small fan inside will help)
  8. An Oil and Filter change should be schedule to remove moisture from the engine.
  9. Inspect all exterior lighting is working to include high mount brake light.

As Always “Service With A Smile”

All advice and information is free to try completely at owners risk.