Spark Plugs – A What?

 One question comes to mind when viewing these bad spark plugs, Has your vehicle ever had the spark plugs changed?


  So what does a spark plug have to do with having the top part of the engine removed? A small piece of the spark plug center electrode (about one-quarter inch long and about one-sixteenth of an inch wide ) can break off and go through the engine. In our scenario, the spark plugs were being replaced because they were rusty and the engine was not running correctly. (the “check engine light” was on AND flashing).

   The story behind the story is our rides are going a long time before running problems occur. In this case, rust had become a factor causing an expensive problem. (I won’t go into the details of this repair because of the complication of explaining engine parts etc.) The main point, how often should you have the spark plugs examined for wear?

  I’ll set some basic guidelines here.

  1. Short hop driving of two miles or less wear spark plugs out quickly. I have seen the platinum tips gone by fifty thousand miles from short trip driving. Suggestion: Have the spark plugs examined at Forty thousand miles.
  2. The vehicle above is seven years old and sets outside. Suggestion: Particularly if your ride sets outside and is over four years old, have the spark plugs examined, Rust could be a factor
  3.  If you own an older Ford truck, to be on the safe side, examine spark plugs every year after thirty thousand or three years. The spark plugs have had a bad habit of causing expensive issues because of breaking off or plain blowing out of the spark plug hole.
  4. If your car requires 91 Octane and you are running 87 Octane, Suggestion: examine after thirty thousand as they may wear faster.
  5. A basic rule to examine spark plugs at Fifty thousand and/or four years old and every twenty-five thousand and yearly thereafter.

 Why the fuss about a vehicle that is running fine and no “check engine” light is on. As the spark plug wears, efficiency deteriorates. Everything has to work harder causing quicker wear out of all parts involved, At the end run costing you more.

As Always “Service With A Smile”

All advice and information are free to try completely at owners risk.