Should Never Happen

animated-fishing-image-0011Monday started like every Monday, a yawn here, a here we go again there, and zoom we are going. This Monday changed when I received a phone call from another garage. They were interested in telling me about a warranty item on a vehicle they were repairing. To make a long story short, the Tech began listing all the parts that needed replaced beside the warranty item. He was telling me this because the car had passed a PA Inspection last month at our shop. All the items listed, would cause the car to fail a PA Inspection. Total estimate apx. $1,500.00. The only response I could give him, “Send the car to us for the warranty item and we will take care of the warranty item.” The part and Labor would be covered at our shop if we performed the replacement.

Later in the day we received another phone call from the car owner. The phone call was from one of our long standing customers and friend. I was being asked about the repairs which were to be performed at the other garage.

A couple of tactics were used to ” scare her into leaving the car ” and ” Your car is not safe to drive home”. Besides being upset, ticked, etc. at such a method being used to intimidate a customer; I informed her ” If the car needs the repairs listed, we would install them at no charge to her”.

After talking with her, she decided to call the garage, stop the repairs, and inform them she would be picking up her vehicle. She needed a ride to the garage and asked if we would drive it home ( still afraid it wasn’t safe ). we obliged her.  On picking the vehicle up, she was informed again, the vehicle was not safe to drive and Corny’s could loose their PA  Inspections License for Inspecting her car this way.

As you can already guess, the listed items were fine and did not need replaced. And Yes – the car was more than safe to drive. The warranty item was the only thing in question.

The lesson here; when scare tactics are being used in this instance, ask to be shown the parts in question. The Service Writer should have no problem showing you what is unsafe. {I have done this at our NAPA Auto Care Center. Believe me, when we say it’s not safe’ – It’s Not Safe -.} Your lack of car knowledge has little bearing on safety in this instance.  Once shown the “bad” parts, there should be little or no doubt in your mind , the parts are about to fail and your ride is not safe to be on the highway.

Once last note, if you really have doubt at what is being replaced, it is still your car and your responsibility. Take the car to another garage for a second opinion. Be ready to sign a release form as the garage does not want to be sued if something does happen.

As Always “Service With A Smile”

All advice and information is free to try completely at owners risk.