If you have opened your owners manual for maintenance, the words “severe and normal driving” were listed. Which is your driving type? Severe driving is likely the type most of us would fall under. I’ll list some of the conditions in no particular order. 1. short trips – 5 miles or less. 2. many start ups during the day 3. extended idle 4. extended Interstate Highway driving ( particularly small 4 cylinder engines ) 5. Add temperatures below 50  and above 75 degrees  6. Stop and go city driving. The list go’s on and on.

We covered “severe driving”, so what would be considered normal? This type is not obvious at all. It could fall under the a run of about 10-20 miles on 55 MPH roads, with no stopping, steep hills, hard acceleration, etc. If you can meets these conditions on a consistent basis, maybe that what is meant by “normal driving”. Good Luck!

So what should you follow for maintenance? Condition of your fluids is a good rule of thumb. For example; we have noticed coolant gets an acid odor, turns color, and even can turn the overflow tank brown. The fluid obviously needs replaced even if Recommendation is usually every 100.000 miles. In this case, it would also be of benefit to flush the coolant system and inspect for coolant leaks.

One other quick tip. The oil should be changed every spring after winter breaks. The moisture content builds up quickly in the winter months. This is due to the fact of your engine going from 0 Degrees fahrenheit  to possibly 220. Of course as it gradually cools, condensation (water) builds up. Water does not lubricate moving parts in your engine and the water will freeze solid in your motor. NOT GOOD

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