Windshiled Wiper Blades Replacement

There was a time a gas station attendant would replace your wiper blades; all you had to do was ask. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. We can go to a parts store and buy a pair of wiper blades (you will need to know the year, make, and model). Installing the wipers blades can be confusing. As is typical in the automotive world, there are different wiper blades, and they do not fasten the same. Ugh!
Our vehicles require an annual safety inspection. The wiper blades will be tested as part of the Inspection procedure. If the wipers are worn, They will need to be replaced to pass the Safety Inspection.
If your wipers need to be replaced sooner than later, call Corny’s, we will be happy to install them for you. When you call, please tell us which vehicle the wipers are to fit. By doing so, we will be sure to have the proper wiper blade in stock.
Something else you may not be aware of, there is a concentrate available to lower the freezing point of your windshield washer fluid. The concentrate will lower the freezing point just by adding to your existing washer fluid.
Happy Motoring!