Professional Car Repair & Maintenance

Welcome to Corny’s Sales & Service Inc.

We are your local NAPA Auto Care Center and Car Quest Tech Net Certified Light Truck and Automotive Place to call. Corny’s is your “One-Stop” Auto Service Center for your daily transportation, all backed by a Nationwide Warranty by NAPA Auto Care and Car Quest Tech Net Certified installed parts by our experienced staff. Our many services include “service engine soon” diagnostics; suspension repair to include: two and four-wheel alignment {New Computer Alignment machine to handle low profile vehicles and larger wheels} on cars and light trucks; air condition/heating service to include: heater core replacement and air condition testing/recharge; custom exhaust pipe bending/repair; drive train replacement to include: transmission, engine, differential, and 4×4 transfer case; lubrication, oil, and filter service featuring Amsoil Full Synthetic {extended oil service compliant} and NAPA oils, new tires/ service and mounting/balance.

Our Secretary, Beverly Stover, is our “In House Notary” for title and plate transfers. She is in Monday thru Friday 12-5 pm, and Saturday from 8 am-12 noon. It is best to call for an appointment at 814-797-5937 to have enough time to complete your work. 

To give you one less thing to worry about, we track your auto repairs and maintenance with the Mechanic Net reminder system. We will send you a postcard by mail or email your “reminder/recommendation” by manufacturer recommendations or customized to your needs. Once you have received a service card, you can also track repairs and read auto information at the Mechanic Net web site. All free at the click of a button!

We ensure correct service with the most current information from Alldata Information Center and Identifix National Technical Hotline “tuff to diagnose” repair center. We also supply our Auto Technicians with the latest technology available. 

 We have noticed, over our many years of experience, “If there is a general rule made for automotive,” somehow, someway, your car will find a way to break the rule and make its way to our repair center! With a shake of “knowing knowledge,” we dive in and repair your car.

              “As always: Great Service With a Smile!”