Red Coolant/hot light on Uh Oh!

Your car is overheating, when to call a tow truck can be tricky. If the coolant is getting into the oil, some expensive damage has already occurred. Note: coolant in the oil usually looks like light chocolate milk on the oil dipstick.  Driving the vehicle with coolant in the oil, is just plain not a good idea. Don’t !

If  coolant is leaking out of the engine, some of the following may help.

The following advice is all performed at your own risk and knowledge!

There are a couple things you can try if you have lost coolant. First – best to fill the reservoir with the correct coolant   2. loosen the radiator cap to reduce pressure in the system. Usually about 1/2 turn ( do only if you can’t pull it straight up to remove)  3. turn on your heater with fan on high  4. turn off your air condition

The over all best advise; have your vehicle towed if your not sure what to do.

Have a dash light  you would like explained? Email a picture of the lit emblem ,the year, make, and model. I’ll do my best to describe what it is for.

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