Pennsylvania Safety Inspection

 Once a year our cars and light duty trucks must pass a Pennsylvania Safety Inspection. Here at Corny’s Sales & Service Inc., we do our best to follow the guide lines provided by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

1. In our video this week, not all of the items are covered. ( you would probably fall asleep if we did ) One of the items I thought should be covered is tires. The tires must have at least 2/32 inch, measured at the lowest point, not weather checked, and be of the same style ( winter or all season ) on the same axle. The tires must be as large as the size specified for your ride by the manufacture..

 2. Another item we have come across, is movement in steering parts. The confusion comes about when the vehicle is to have a wheel alignment performed. The specifications to pass PA Safety Inspection are usually not as close as the wheel alignment specs. In order for a wheel  alignment to be true, the parts must be tight.

 3. When you are unsure of the service required to have your ride pass PA Safety Inspection, don’t be afraid to ask, it’s your car.  Here at Corny’s, we encourage and welcome your questions. Educating our customers is part of our daily service.

4. Your car can be safety inspected two month prior to when it expires. For example, if your State Inspection expired at the end of March 2016, you could have the Inspection performed in January of 2016. The PA Inspection does not have to match your registration expiration.

5. To help you Safety inspection Mechanic, lay your current registration and insurance card ready and don’t ask him/her bend the rules for you. It is their lively hood, your safety and everyone around you he is looking out for.

I hope our blog helps to answer some of the questions related to Pennsylvania Safety Inspection guidelines.

As Always “Service With A Smile”

All advice and information is free to try completely at owners risk.