Oil Service Required

Most of today’s vehicles come with an “Engine Oil Life Monitor.” Great, one less thing to track! Without going into all the details “how is that accomplished”; the computer tracks all your driving conditions. These driving conditions allow for a “scientific guess” according to known factors. For example, mileage, time, different engine demands on the oil, etc., thus creating the need for oil service.

What the system doesn’t do, is the oil life monitors weakness. The inaccuracy occurs because the system does not know the difference between “cheap conventional oil” or a “top-quality synthetic oil.” Also, the chemist would test a sample for accurate results. I am saying the “oil monitor reminder” is a good idea, but we can’t rely on the reminder for proper maintenance.

So what is a person to do? There a too many recommended variations to list here because everyone has different driving habits. If you drive ten – to fifteen thousand miles a year, as a starting point, we recommend an oil service (when using synthetic oil) in the spring due to the fact winter is hard on the oil. We recommend a fall oil service because we tend to drive more in the summer and have fresh oil for winter. Remember, every driving situation is different, causing different maintenance requirements. Happy Driving!

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