Oil Filters – Which One and Why They Are Different

The purpose of oil filters is to collect contamination and wear debris circulating through oil systems That’s really nice, but why are there four different grades and prices of oil filters for my light truck or car

As in most everything automotive, “you get what you pay for”.The same is true in oil filters, However; there is more. The price filter is just that, the filter does not remove contaminants as well and is not designed to hold together as long – again the price is the dominating purpose.

The next step filter is designed to go the distance, remove contaminants like the original equipment (or better), and go the mileage suggested by the manufacturer.

As of late, some manufacturers are suggesting a ten thousand mile oil service along with full synthetic oil. To go this extend mileage, the filter is typically made of synthetic fibers, better construction overall, and much finer filtration. (The smaller the Micron FIltration, the better) The price shows the extra cost of constructing these better filters. 

Number four; is a filter Amsoil has designed to go fifteen or twenty-five thousand miles (depending on application) To go along with this much longer oil service, Amsoil Signature Series is installed at Corny’s. This fully synthetic oil and filter setup is designed for the distance driver – to Erie and back every day for example. Again price increases for both filter and oil, but the extended service interval and downtime easily make up for the added cost. 

In conclusion; here at Corny’s, we install the correct oil and filters to match your driving habits. Daily long distance to only a few thousand miles a year, we will help you get the best value from our oil change service. 

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