My engine belt has some cracks; is it OK?

Your about to go on your favorite vacation; just for peace of mind you decide to look under the hood one more time. Not a bad idea, fluid containers are made to see the fluid level without taking the lid off. Check You even get brave and check the oil level. Check As your checking the oil level you take a glance over at the engine belt…. Nuts! It has more cracks in it then you remembered from the last time.  Calm down, we have some guide lines here for you to follow . They are not absolute, but we can keep you from pushing the panic button just yet…

First a little understanding how important belt/belts are. The engine belt usually operates your air condition, power steering, alternator (maintains electric supply), and water (coolant) pump pulleys. Without it, your car will not go far.

Below is a picture of a badly worn belt; Note the distance between the hairline cracks and even a chunk of material missing. ( for comparison a new belt is pictured below) All indicating the belt should have broken and wrapped itself into a real mess under the hood. So here is what to look for. There are written guidelines for cracks. Personally I don’t trust them . If your seeing cracks every inch or so and not running the whole way across the belt, there is some usage left in the belt. On a trip? I would ask; How good is your crystal ball? Replace the belt/belts, it will be one less worry.

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Relating to loosing your engine belt, what dash would come on instantly when the belt breaks?

Quick tip: From what I have found, running ethanol free – 91 octane in your lawn mower will not damage the mower engine, but is simply costs more then running 87 octane. Calculate the cost of using stabilizer verses the cost of 91 ethanol free gasoline.

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