My car shines, why would I bother to wax?

My car still shines OK; why go through all the work of washing,drying,and waxing my ride? Real answer: waxing your car is something that should be done on a regular basis. Regular waxing helps to protect/seal the paint  and clear coat on your car by preserving oils in the paint to help to prevent oxidation. By not waxing, a dulled finish will occur, waxing can help to prevent this process. Regular waxing also protects the paint from the daily wear and tear our cars get from being exposed to the outside world such as; bird droppings, wind, rain, hail, tree  sap,ultraviolet rays from the sun — you name it.

One may ask, how often should I wax my car?  Many wax manufacturers suggest waxing your car every 2-4 months.  It really depends on how much sunlight and exposure your car receives daily.  An easy way to tell if your car needs waxed, see how well water beads up on the surface. If water beads up well, the wax is still protecting the paint. Obviously, if the water does not bead up, it’s a good indicator that your car needs waxed.

Another question often asked is, do the drive thru car wash waxes provide the same protection as hand waxing?  My answer: hand waxing provides the optimum protection for waxing.  The car wash waxes do provide a little protection but they do not replace the old fashion hand wax.  If you have no intentions of hand waxing your car then I would definitely recommend buying the extra spray wax at the car wash.

One more thing; waxing the lens on your car will help to preserve them also. There is a special coating on the lens, so do not use rubbing compounds as you will remove this coating.

QUICK TIP: If you do like to wax your ride; buy an electric polisher ( available in 5 inch & bigger ). Also “cleaner/wax’s are available at your local NAPA Auto Parts store. My 1996 truck is a perfect example. Most of the truck is original paint                                                         

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