It Happened Again.

What’s worse than breaking down, on the Interstate, on a trip with the family? Maybe one of the kids getting sick. But the transportation break down is close to the top of the list.
    Monday, we received a desperate phone call from a business owner. His company van had broken down, on the Interstate, and was being towed to a nearby Auto Service Center, Good. Well almost, the Center could not diagnose the van till Thursday. He had a perishable load on board and really couldn’t wait that long, Enter Corny’s. After some conversation and getting our basis covered, the van was on it’s way to our Service Center. It was pushing Four Thirty, but the need to keep going was important. 
     First bad part, the driver had called in, telling his boss the Red Battery Light was on. His response, Keep Going!
Second really Sad part, The van had been towed over a half hour in the wrong direction of the drivers’ destination.
Seemed strange, there are a lot of garages between Knox and the other side of Brookville.
  I could not get it out of my head why this vehicle had made it to our repair center with all the possibilities in between. The van arrived, unloaded, and pushed into our garage. That’s when I noticed the van was damaged on the back, from California, and heaven forbid the drivers were black – OH My call ???  Sad as it was, I had my answer, why no else took the van in, other than the fact they would be staying late. ( I hope it isn’t true )
   There is a happy ending to the story. We had the driver back on the road by Six, we were paid, and on our way home knowing we had helped someone out of trouble.

     As Always

“Service With A Smile”