Is Gasoline Octane Level Important?

First, let’s clear a few myths about “Better Grades of Gasoline.”

 1. 93 Octane gas does not produce more energy than 87 Octane

 2. 93 Octane gas does not help fuel mileage.  The exception to the two myths above, if you were to use lower-rated octane gasoline in an engine requiring 93 Octane. 

3. 93 Octane gasoline “may” have more cleaning additives – etc., If it is a name brand like Pennzoil. 

The question becomes, “should I use a higher Octane Gasoline?” In this writer’s opinion, “No” if your car Requires 87 Octane to perform correctly. On the other hand, It could be beneficial to run a tank of 93 Octane gasoline occasionally. Remember, Octane rating is the ability of the gasoline to prevent engine knock or ping, not to improve performance, fuel mileage, etc.

How do you determine what “Octane Level” to use in your vehicle? You can look in your owner’s manual, ask your Auto Technician, and check online when in doubt. 
At this point, you may be asking what is “engine ping or knock?” and why it is that bad. A basic explanation, the gasoline delivered to be fired simultaneously ignites at “different times” when it is necessary to all be burned at the exact same instant. Also, The engine can be damaged when a “ping” occurs. Fortunately, today’s engines have a “knock sensor” and computer system to help prevent engine ping and adapt to the gasoline.  

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