How Far Can You Run A Belt Pulley??

Click on the first picture – see the rusty brown part under the engine belt, Also notice the belt is grooved. Do you see what needs to be replaced?  The car made it to our shop because we towed it in.

The lesson learned here – this person had an Angel looking over them to have driven the car this far.

  • When you hear a high pitched squeal with your car running, take note: if the squeal stops after a short distance,  it could be just moisture drying off the belt.
  • If the squeal continues, changes when you turn or engage the Air Conditioning, be sure to get to your service garage very soon. The pulleys for the belt or the Air Condition may be trying to lock up. If the pulleys or Air Condition do lock up, the belt will burn off and you will have no power steering, charging system and even worse, no engine coolant circulation.
  • If you want to see if it is just the belt? We use a little auto paint rubbing compound to test the belt grip. Yes, the noise may go away for a while when using the rubbing compound. The downside, the compound is shining the pulleys, giving them less grip.
  • If the noise does not stop with the rubbing compound applied, a pulley is most likely going bad and about ready to come off, leaving you stranded with a belt wrapped around other pulleys. The belt could also knock a hole in your radiator to make matters worse.
  • DO NOT use belt dressing: we have found, belt dressing simply makes a mess and causes more problems than it helps.
  • The engine drive belts should be inspected before all long trips and every year for wear and/or cracks.

As Always “Service With A Smile”

All advice and information are free to try completely at owners risk.