Help Your Mechanic Diagnose That Rumble Noise

 Be nice to think this video would make us all super mechanics, takes a couple of more videos and a few more years of training to meet that goal. The objective here is to help us all understand, the rumble noise made by a wheel bearing, and what to do. 

Ok, we all have a general idea of how to determine which wheel bearing may be causing the noise. Now, what to do if we are far from home and hear a rumble noise from a wheel. My first tip would be to stop and walk around the car. Inspect each wheel center for excessive heat. On a hot day, the wheels will be rather warm to the touch but the wheel center should not be so hot as to burn your hand. If it is, and your sure that is where the noise is coming from, better go to a repair facility then take the chance it will make it home. ( Caution – I have not seen the wheel come off the car when a wheel bearing fails, but it is possible.)

The good news. most of the time the wheel bearing does fail gradually, giving us adequate time to have the offending noise maker replaced.

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