Gasoline – Does which one really Matter?

IMG_0476Our cars have changed from end to end. No chrome bumpers, thinner side glass, and “smaller” every where you look. These are just the facts to improve fuel economy and emissions. So what does this have to do with gasoline?  If your car has the little green leaf, E85 compliant, flex fuel., or indicates ethanol fuel can be used, read this article.

As we all know, all gasoline is not created equal. We will not attempt to get into the chemical difference here but the difference are real to your vehicles engine control system. Because of Ethanol gasoline, our vehicles have to adapt to the different Ethanol content in gasoline. Enter 91 Octane and no Ethanol or any other No Ethanol rated gasoline. Switching back and fourth can confuse the engine control system.

So why is this a factor, can’t the control system just adapt? From start up to shut down, the engine control system is adapting to the way you drive, environment, and a host of other variables, Not just the Ethanol content. A little reasoning leads us to believe, it would be very difficult to program all the possible variables into the engine control system for the fuel variations.

Our advice here; Keep life simple for you and your car. Stop in for a fill up at the most cost effective gas station, use the same grade/type of gasoline. An easy way to test for the best value is to push the trip odometer when you fill up,  and track the fuel mileage over three tanks of gasoline from the same gas station.  End result – Happy Vehicle and Owner.

 As always “Great Service With A Smile,”