Gas powered car and Diesel Fuel – You did What???

On my plane ride home from Texas, I met a nice gentlemen from Pittsburgh. It didn’t take long to discover he too was a car guy. As we exchanged stories, one of his caught my attention. His daughters / boyfriend had filled her gas powered car with diesel fuel.  IMG_0451

This is the Diesel Fuel Dispenser at the Large truck area at a local Gas Station. As you see the nozzle does not fit in the hole and the visible splash guard is green. Pretty tough to dispense Diesel fuel into a gas powered car with this combo. This is not so true at the Car Gasoline Dispensing area. The fuel dispenser has ” Diesel ” and a green splash guard, but the nozzle can fit in the gas powered car.

What happens after filling with diesel fuel? Once the vehicle is started, it will shortly shut down. Draining the fuel is the only way to start the repair. What happens after that will depend on the make of the vehicle and your mechanics experience with this problem.

Be aware when fueling your vehicle. Gasoline is very explosive and filling with the wrong fuel??

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