Fuel Additives ~ More is better, Right?

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As being human, we tend to think ” if some is good, More has to be better”. Actually, when adding fuel additives, we need to be careful. The more advanced electronic engine management and fuel control, (read as newer model cars approximately 2010 and up) the more problems we can unknowingly cause.   For example, adding more dry gas can cause your engine control system some confusion. The computer on your car is programmed (expecting) to work with as much as 10% ethanol maybe more. Remember there are cleaners and ethanol in gasoline. We may push the amount of ethanol past what the engine control system can deal with by adding a bottle of dry gas. (assuming it has ethanol ) It may turn the check engine light on, fuel mileage may drop, and not run correctly in general. All this, because we thought adding more dry gas to the tank would help. From my understanding, we should be using ethanol stabilizers, which also can remove water from your fuel system. 

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The real message here:  More is not better in most cases for the novice. Follow the recommended amount and avoid causing further headaches. 

Quick Tip: Stay with the recommended Octane Rating for you car. Even changing back and fourth may cause some unwanted problems. Welcome to new technology!


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