Windshiled Wiper Blades Replacement

There was a time a gas station attendant would replace your wiper blades; all you had to do was ask. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. We can go to a parts store and buy a pair of wiper blades (you will need to know the year, make, and model). Installing the wipers blades can… Read more »

Highway Vibration

Have you driven a newly paved highway lately? What may have come as a surprise? You have noticed a slight vibration. Surely it’s not the new road? Most likely not, but possible. However, there is new pavement near my home, and it does cause a vibration at speed.There are three common reasons for a vibration…. Read more »

Corny’s Wheel Alignment

Did you know a “Wheel Alignment” is a great deal? A modern wheel alignment machine can cost $30,000 and up! Why so expensive? the machine is able to measures within 1/10th of a degree! Why so close? This is due to the complicated dynamics of each wheel’s “attack angle” to the road. To add to… Read more »

Flat Tire!

When we get a flat tire, it is always at the most inconvenient time. I had one at the Pittsburgh Airport (10 pm after a long day) and two along I80. Yes, it can happen to you too. So, when was the last time you checked the air in your spare, made sure the jacking equipment… Read more »

Car and Truck Paint Chips

Over time our vehicles will receive small chips in the paint. Then when we wax our ride, the chips show up as white dots and are even more visible than before; UGH! So what is a person to do? The little “paint touch-up bottles” are not readily available as they had once had been. Believe… Read more »

Drive Belt Replacement

Our cars previously had multiple fan belts to drive devices such as an alternator and power steering pump. The fan belts were replaced with a single serpentine belt in most cases. Cool, fewer parts to fail! But how do you know if it’s time to replace this all-important belt? Actually, it’s not too difficult. After… Read more »

Is Gasoline Octane Level Important?

First, let’s clear a few myths about “Better Grades of Gasoline.”  1. 93 Octane gas does not produce more energy than 87 Octane  2. 93 Octane gas does not help fuel mileage.  The exception to the two myths above, if you were to use lower-rated octane gasoline in an engine requiring 93 Octane.  3. 93… Read more »

Egg On Your Car?

I found it somewhat amusing  someone would egg your car. Like “Who does that?” However, the “egging” reminded me how easily car paint is damaged. In this case, the egg needs to be washed off as soon as possible or permanent damage occurs to the “Clear Coat.” What is “Clear Coat,” you ask? A basic… Read more »

Strange Rumble Noise?

As your car ages, unfamiliar noises begin to occur. A “rumble-like noise” is one of the more common noises we hear on a road test at our Service center, particularly on older vehicles. The sound is very distinguishable. The rumble typically gets louder as you speed up and slows as you slow down. One can… Read more »

Oil Service Required

Most of today’s vehicles come with an “Engine Oil Life Monitor.” Great, one less thing to track! Without going into all the details “how is that accomplished”; the computer tracks all your driving conditions. These driving conditions allow for a “scientific guess” according to known factors. For example, mileage, time, different engine demands on the… Read more »