Flat Tire!

When we get a flat tire, it is always at the most inconvenient time. I had one at the Pittsburgh Airport (10 pm after a long day) and two along I80. Yes, it can happen to you too. So, when was the last time you checked the air in your spare, made sure the jacking equipment was there, worked, and would jack your vehicle high enough to get the wheel off?  That’s right; my truck jack did not jack the back of the truck high enough to get the wheel off!? By the way, the knuckle-busting wheel wrench in your car is useless! I have a fold-up wheel four-way in my truck. The four-way gives you more leverage and works much better. Also, it does not hurt to have a pair of work gloves or rags to wipe your hands off for yourself or your helper.  

Thankfully, the more current your vehicle, the more likely you will be aware of a low tire before it goes flat. When a nail punctures your tire, the tire tends to leak slowly and does not deflate all at once.  The low tire light should come on if the tire pressure drops two or three pounds below specs. Of course, you should get the tire repaired as soon as possible.

Hopefully, you will not experience a flat tire, but if you do, be sure your spare and equipment are able to perform the task!