Ethanol Gasoline & Your Lawn Mower / Pleasure Toys

We have been living with 10% Ethanol in our gasoline for awhile. Each year vehicle manufactures have been adjusting right down to your lawn mower.

What’s the big deal? In your auto, maybe not. We have seen damage from ethanol in some pre-2000 cars. The fuel hose and gas tank damage being the most common. Extreme case: One of my bass magazines showed a picture of a carburetor. The carburetor appears to have been sandblasted inside. The damage was from ethanol gasoline. The other issue as, In my old 1996 truck, overall performance is noticeably off too. I would expect the same in all vehicles built before apx. 2005. Most damage is being noticed in small motors – chain saws, lawn mowers, boats, etc.

The problem; The ethanol tends to separate from the gasoline while in storage. Yes, like your gas can for your lawn mower, antique car, motorcycle, boat, etc.. How long before separation occurs? Too many variables to print a time frame here, but over a week seems to be the hear say… There are several additives to prevent separation from occurring on the market. To name a few Amsoil Fuel additive and Star Tron, 

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