Engine Oil Service

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Going to ask a silly question, “When was the last time you checked the oil level in your car”? Last week, last month, or most likely not since the oil was changed. In the last year or so we have been surprised to find oil levels low, I mean two quarts low in a four quart capacity system. The red oil light was not on or did the engine exhibit a problem.

  So what’s the big deal?? Even though the oil light does not come on and the engine appears to be running fine, the oil is getting excessively hot and cannot properly lubricate critical engine components. I would compare it to you- giving a pint of blood, they make you lay down and give you orange juice. Ask yourself “why do I have to do that”. Your engine is trying to do the work required without proper cooling and lubrication plain and simple. The other down side is, the excessive heat causes oil to burn to the sides of critical oil passage ways, thus robbing moving parts proper lubrication even when the engine level is full.

   You may be saying – Oh, I have a blank model and they never use oil. I’ll use my 1996 Ford as an example. It does not use oil till past the three thousand mile mark ( which is about every six months and needs changed ).  My simple recommendation – check your oil every week. After a few weeks you will know if your car is using oil.

    One last note: check your oil level every month and before any extended driving. As long the oil level is in the hash area, it is fine. Over filling is also damaging, so fill to the full mark when hot.

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