Dual Over-head GM Timing Chain

As you can see, this engine cradle assembly is sitting on the floor. In this instance, we are replacing the timing chains, gears, water pump, and chain tensioners. The engine had less than one hundred thousand miles, we were surprised this service work was needed. Special tools are needed to lock the timing gears in place. If the timing is not perfectly on between the gears, not only will the engine not run correctly there is a very good chance expensive engine damage will occur. What I am saying – DON’T TRY THIS REPAIR AT HOME!

Scott is quite capable of doing this service work for us here at Corny’s. We recommend water pump, timing chain, timing gears, chain tensioner slides, and timing chain oil tensioners to be replaced when this work is performed. Running a quality oil, like Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil, can help prolong the life of these parts. There is no other maintenance you can perform as an owner.