Corny’s Wheel Alignment

Did you know a “Wheel Alignment” is a great deal? A modern wheel alignment machine can cost $30,000 and up! Why so expensive? the machine is able to measures within 1/10th of a degree! Why so close? This is due to the complicated dynamics of each wheel’s “attack angle” to the road. To add to the expense, the alignment specifications must be stored for older vehicles and updated annually to current models.

Another expense to the machine; the mechanicals must be able to adapt to wheel sizes that went from a small wheel size of 12 inches to sometimes bigger than 20 inches! That is a minor issue compared to the Alignment specifications. The specifications must contend with a load of different size folks setting in different seats in the car. And of course, everyone’s weight is the same? – not exactly! To keep matters more difficult, we add various weight in the trunk too!   Thankfully, some engineers worked this all out for the Technician Specialist to make the needed adjustments to your vehicle.

 One last note, all suspension parts must be in good working order for an alignment to be performed. The vehicle may pass PA Safety Inspection, but the suspension may not be tight enough to hold an alignment. Happy Motoring!