My car shines, why would I bother to wax?

My car still shines OK; why go through all the work of washing,drying,and waxing my ride? Real answer: waxing your car is something that should be done on a regular basis. Regular waxing helps to protect/seal the paint  and clear coat on your car by preserving oils in the paint to help to prevent oxidation…. Read more »

My engine belt has some cracks; is it OK?

Your about to go on your favorite vacation; just for peace of mind you decide to look under the hood one more time. Not a bad idea, fluid containers are made to see the fluid level without taking the lid off. Check You even get brave and check the oil level. Check As your checking… Read more »

Fuel Additives ~ More is better, Right?

As being human, we tend to think ” if some is good, More has to be better”. Actually, when adding fuel additives, we need to be careful. The more advanced electronic engine management and fuel control, (read as newer model cars approximately 2010 and up) the more problems we can unknowingly cause.   For example, adding… Read more »

So why are my car tires so wide? It’s not a sports car.

  Some of the complaints I’ve heard; Wider tires are usually more expensive, don’t always ride as nice and seem to wear out faster. The answer I found was not what I expected. It is true that wider tires commonly have better traction. The main reason why this is  does not relate to contact patch,… Read more »

1996 Ford F150 Survives Frozen Oil Filter!

.     Yes, you read correctly. My trucks oil filter froze off this past winter. Here is the story on why this occurred. My 1996 Ford is under severe driving conditions almost daily. Four trips a day totaling about 7 miles a day – 6 days a week. Regrettably, I dented the door in… Read more »

Tire Pressure Amber Light On, Tire Pressure Is OK? Really?

Your peacefully on your vacation at last. Your cruising and notice a little amber tire looking light comes on (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor  Light – TPMS ). Nuts! You had inflated the tires according to the decal on the door. What gives? Obviously, you should pull over to the side of the road and re-check… Read more »

Ethanol Gasoline & Your Lawn Mower / Pleasure Toys

We have been living with 10% Ethanol in our gasoline for awhile. Each year vehicle manufactures have been adjusting right down to your lawn mower. What’s the big deal? In your auto, maybe not. We have seen damage from ethanol in some pre-2000 cars. The fuel hose and gas tank damage being the most common. Extreme… Read more »


If you have opened your owners manual for maintenance, the words “severe and normal driving” were listed. Which is your driving type? Severe driving is likely the type most of us would fall under. I’ll list some of the conditions in no particular order. 1. short trips – 5 miles or less. 2. many start… Read more »

Synthetic Oil?

Hopefully, we are all thinking of having the oil changed and maintenance performed to our vehicles after the long winter here in Pennsylvania. One of the questions I have been asked more often recently is, do I need synthetic oil? I’ll explain what makes synthetic oil a better lubricant then conventional oil first. The oil… Read more »