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Spring Maintenance Is Due

It is March and winter may be not be over, regardless, winter temperatures take a toll on your ride. Here is a short list of items which should be inspected . Measure tire pressure, tread wear pattern, and depth, ( remove studded winter tires by April 15th.) Inspect front and rear wipers for wear and… Read more »

Love Your Family and Your Car ?

Believe it or not, way back in the 50’s, car emissions were reduced by about 90% by the “Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve” better known as the PCV valve. (when an engine is running, there is oil blow by ( pressure build up in the oil of the engine). This oil blow by, was vented below… Read more »

1996 Ford F150 Daily Driver Care

As you can see, Scott is using an application pattern when waxing the van. Using a pattern in this fashion reflects less light, thus the wax job appears cleaner with fewer smudges. Ok, we all don’t have a large polishing tool like this, but we can purchase a five inch electric polishing tool to make… Read more »