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It Happened, Break Down During Trip

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] OK, maybe a break down is not the correct wording compared to what actually happened.  A stranger could not get their 2009 Chevy Impala out of park. So what would you do if this happened on your car? Before I get to the repair, let me give you a short version… Read more »

Tire Pressure Amber Light On, Tire Pressure Is OK? Really?

Your peacefully on your vacation at last. Your cruising and notice a little amber tire looking light comes on (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor  Light – TPMS ). Nuts! You had inflated the tires according to the decal on the door. What gives? Obviously, you should pull over to the side of the road and re-check… Read more »

Red Coolant/hot light on Uh Oh!

Your car is overheating, when to call a tow truck can be tricky. If the coolant is getting into the oil, some expensive damage has already occurred. Note: coolant in the oil usually looks like light chocolate milk on the oil dipstick.  Driving the vehicle with coolant in the oil, is just plain not a… Read more »

Does it matter if the ABS Amber Brake light is on?

  We are sharing, our valuable 40 plus years of ” Hard Knock” experience and current changes to the ever-evolving automobile world. Believe it or not, ABS ( anti-lock brakes ) is not new technology. Years ago a problem was occurring when a plane landed. When trying to stop the landing plane, the tires would… Read more »

Red charge light on – Now What??

The battery ( charge malfunction light ) should come on and go out fairly quickly as your engine revs at startup. The process is a bulb check to be sure the malfunctioning light operates. What does it mean when the light does come on and stays on. Rarely does it come on, and NOT mean… Read more »

What can I do when the Red Oil Light Comes On

This week we are going to discus the Red Oil Light on the dash. We will cover what should be done and what you may do to get home. When the Red Oil Light flickers or comes on steady on the instrument cluster. STOP THE CAR !!  Why stop? If you were running and all… Read more »

The Dreaded “check engine light” does not go out.

Last week we briefly covered a few causes for a flashing  “check engine or service engine soon light”. Next up, what about the check engine light that stays on after engine start up. What makes this light so difficult to generalize, is the many reasons for it to illuminate. Depending on the year, make, and… Read more »

Welcome to our new blog

We will be sharing, our valuable 40 plus years of ” Hard Knock” experience and current changes, to the ever evolving automobile world.  Read on: We have many questions about the confusing array of service lights on the dash of your transportation. Most of the lights come on when you start your car and go… Read more »