Egg On Your Car?

I found it somewhat amusing  someone would egg your car. Like “Who does that?” However, the “egging” reminded me how easily car paint is damaged. In this case, the egg needs to be washed off as soon as possible or permanent damage occurs to the “Clear Coat.”

What is “Clear Coat,” you ask? A basic description – “durable clear resin coating over the base color.” The clear coat is shiny and very resistant to damage. However, maintenance is required to ensure longevity and shine. 

As in years past, Clearcoat does require to be waxed to seal the surface from weather damage, maintain the shine,  etc. 
I cheat; I use a large electric POLISHER from our shop and Maguire’s Cleaner/Wax. (this type of wax tends not to build up and force a cleaner to remove) Your local auto supply or even Sears should have a 5” Polisher and pads that makes waxing your car quick and painless. You should be able to do your car in under an hour without hurrying.

What’s so easy with the polisher? When waxing the flat areas, let the polisher ride across the surface back and forth with no added pressure. I also have a seat with wheels I set on to do the sides. Then wipe off with an old bathroom towel when dry. (less wax used is better). By waxing your vehicle spring and fall, the “clear coat” will look great year after year.