Can you get in your car with the Key?

  Unless you have never owned an older car, this has happened to you. You’re on the way to your car, arms full of your most recent shopping spree, car key fob ready to go. You hit the magic “unlock button” and no noise – nothing. Hopefully, you pull on the door handle and the door does not open. No problem, I’ll use the key! The next few words you say may not be repeatable here as the key refuses to turn.

  In this case, a little preventive maintenance once a year would have prevented this from happening. The photo above shows a little can of Graphite spray. (part # 765-1384 Lock Ease at your local NAPA Store ) Inserting the supplied tube in the keyhole is easy and quick to properly lubricate the lock mechanism. ( More is not better ) Wipe off the drippings on the outside of the door, insert the key and turn a few times, you are good to go. While you are at it, go ahead and do the trunk lock too.

As always “Great Service With A Smile,”