Broke Down Miles From Home – Estimate is Big Dollars

Broke down close to home is irritating enough, being miles from home; Down right scary. Thank goodness for cell phones. We can make calls to receive assistance. Lets skip ahead, and say we already have a repair estimate in our hand. The Estimate is $2,000.00 to get us back on the road…. OUCH!!!  One thing to be aware of, garage labor rates in and around Knox PA are below average around the country; $100.00 per hour and above are not unusual at dealerships. But still,$2,000.00 is allot of cash for the average car repair. Unless your care has “terminal neglect syndrome” ( you were just asking for this ) or you were just unlucky. big buck repairs rarely happen..

So what can you really do? 1st. What may be difficult – STAY CALM – getting upset will not help the spot your in. Ask the service manager questions, to the best of your ability, about the repair and why are they being performed. A good service writer, will do his/her best to help you understand, and why this all must be done. Take notes as you listen. My next step would be to call the service garage you use back home. (reason for notes) and talk the repairs over with him/her. If you feel your knowledge about the repair is not adequate, ask the service writer to talk it over with your mechanic. The records he has for your car, may help in the repair and prevent unneeded parts being replaced. At the very least, this will ease your mind in a very difficult situation.

Being broke down is never fun, reading our weekly blog may help too.

As always “Great Service With A Smile,”Emoji