Boy Scouts USA – Fryburg

Have you ever had a love for something; I mean, it burns within your heart and you know it is good. This past weekend I was invited to a Boy Scout Camp-ore were I could enjoy such a passion of mine. We were teaching, the Automotive Merit Badge, for a good friend of mine and Boy Scout leader. Kent Whitling – better know as Woody. We arrived at Eight AM to coffee and donuts and instructed to set up our station. Of course it rained, as it usually does for Boy Scout events, we set up cover and dawned our rain gear.

After a brief speech from our fearless leader Woody, we proceeded to our stations. Approximately sixty boys divided into groups and  began their training sessions at each station, leader and/or parent in tow. Each group was well behaved and tried their best to be polite. I heard a horn blowing and an occasional engine revving, we were in full swing of training.

The rain did subside and the local Fire Truck arrived with a volunteer in full firefighting garb. A State Policeman  also came pulling in. He was in a SUV patrol vehicle I have been noticing lately. He had typical patrol car equipment along to show the boys. As the boys ate their meal, the Police Officer talked of being pulled over and the attitude they should have. Good tips on being respectful and understanding the Policeman’s position of danger when approaching your car.The Fireman showed the boys around the Tanker explaining the use of the tools and gauges. Pretty cool stuff !

The local Auto Technicians and Owners volunteered their time for the day and appreciated by the boys and parents. They all said Thank You and shook my hand as they left my station. Not hard to understand why a Boy Scout stands out as an adult.

What was special about the program: we said the pledge allegiance to the flag and had a prayer before our meal No one complained, and every one bowed their heads in respect to their fellow mans/woman’s beliefs. The boys were exceptionally well behaved and respectful of the men teaching them the Boy Scout Automotive Merit Badge.