5 Reasons To Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

  Thank you for visiting Corny’s Sales & Service Inc Auto Care blog. Today’s post lists 5 important reasons why you should follow recommended maintenance schedules or advice matching your driving habits. 1. Be Safe A well-maintained car doesn’t put you and your passengers at unnecessary risk. Inspecting brakes, headlamps, tires, etc. not only will… Read more »

Update: Ati-lock Brakes and Function

ABS – Anti-Lock Brake There’s a common misconception that anti-lock brakes (ABS) only help you stop faster. That is not always the case on loose gravel or snowy surfaces. Anti-lock brakes, in fact, are also designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle in an emergency braking situation. Imagine you are driving on a snowy road…. Read more »

Oil Filters – Which One and Why They Are Different

The purpose of an oil filters is to collect contamination and wear debris circulating through the oil system. That’s really nice, but why are there four different grades and prices of oil filters for my light truck or car As in most everything automotive, “you get what you pay for”. The same is true in… Read more »

Amsoil Website Link

 Amsoil has written a new privacy policy to comply with the new standards…effective 5/25/18. By using the Amsoil link on our website, the Amsoil Privacy Policy will be in effect for all Amsoil communication moving forward.  Amsoil Privacy Policy 5-25-2018 ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Dual Over-head GM Timing Chain

As you can see, this engine cradle assembly is sitting on the floor. In this instance, we are replacing the timing chains, gears, water pump, and chain tensioners. The engine had less than one hundred thousand miles, we were surprised this service work was needed. Special tools are needed to lock the timing gears in place…. Read more »