Highway Vibration

Have you driven a newly paved highway lately? What may have come as a surprise? You have noticed a slight vibration. Surely it’s not the new road? Most likely not, but possible. However, there is new pavement near my home, and it does cause a vibration at speed.
There are three common reasons for a vibration.

  1. A tire out of balance
  2. A bent rim (more common than you may think)
  3. A bad or low tire.
    So how do I determine what to tell the Auto Technician? Actually, it’s not that complicated. The first step, do you feel the vibration when gripping the steering wheel or in the seat of those new pants?
    Obviously, the steering wheel vibration would be the front of the car and the seat of your pants the back of the vehicle.
    Now, let’s do some more intense diagnosing! Take note of the speed you are traveling; are you accelerating or decelerating, what gear, or is there a rumbling noise, or are you going around a long curve?
    The list above will be helpful to your Tech. Your information will help the Tech. reproduce the vibration and perform detailed diagnostics.

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