Another trip and another issue – I should just stay home.

de153050-e8cd-497b-862f-a338822cdd51Have you ever wondered “Why me”. Thousands of people fly every day with little or no issues, not a home boy like me. I won’t go into the details of the trying day, but each issue was solved as it occurred. Some wringing of the hands here and there but, I made it to the Pittsburgh air port finally. The day was not over yet. As I approached my faithful truck, I noticed the lean to one side. Nuts! One flat tire was staring back at me. It’s raining and late (10:30 PM ). I was ready for this – full size 4 way, rain coat, block of wood for under jack,  jack, spare was inflated, and the spare came down easily from under the truck. All was going fine until —- the jack and wood combination,  would not fit under the axle to allow removal of the flat tire. I had installed lower profile tires on my truck. The tires lowered the truck just enough I couldn’t use my wood and jack combination to remove the flat tire. NOW WHAT!

Now soaking wet, I trudge back into the airport lobby. Thankfully there are janitors right there. I was informed of the airports free auto service. All I had to do – locate a white phone on the wall, dial 6 and ask for Richard. They are not aloud to repair tires but they did have an air tank. Inflating the tire gave room for the jack and wood combination.

In short order I was on my way home. I did stop to assist someone on the way, but their problem was just an upset stomach. Home time ended up being 3:00 AM.

The reason for this story;  Knowing how to change a flat tire and having the proper equipment, makes a miserable job much easier. Be sure your ride has the proper equipment (Include: 4 way wrench, old rain coat, hand wet wipes, flares, side cuts, even a tire plug kit could be helpful ) to change/repair your flat. The reasons are obvious.

 As always “Great Service With A Smile,”


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