1996 Ford F150 Survives Frozen Oil Filter!

96 kerry ford f150 006.    

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Yes, you read correctly. My trucks oil filter froze off this past winter. Here is the story on why this occurred.

My 1996 Ford is under severe driving conditions almost daily. Four trips a day totaling about 7 miles a day – 6 days a week. Regrettably, I dented the door in last June. I took the truck off the road, for about 4 months, repairing the dent and other body work. Back on the road again, winter arrived and I Didn’t think about changing the oil. The oil had been changed approximately August 2013 and 3 thousand miles ago. . I was using XL – 10,000 Mile Amsoil Synthetic Oil. Should be good to go.

I noticed the gas mileage was down a bit, but it was colder than normal,  so I contributed the drop to winter weather. I continued to drive to work with no extra noise from the engine indicating an issue. One evening I decided to stop and visit a buddy at the local Ambulance hall. I left my truck running because of the temperature being close to  zero degrees. I proved, once again I like to talk, and came out about 40 minutes later. I heard an awful clacking noise coming from somewhere? To my disappointment – it was my faithful truck. First instinct was to shut the truck down; especially when the oil pressure gauge showed NO oil Pressure at all. Funny thing was the engine was not hot and the temperature gauge read normal? I shrugged my shoulders and drove the short distance to our shop; what could I hurt now? It was most likely done for.

The next day we started the truck and everything seemed fine??  After further discussion we drained the oil. The oil looked like light chocolate milk. You could see water droplets running down the side of the drain pan. NOT GOOD!  We left the engine oil drain for a few hours and refilled with Amsoil XL motor oil and installed a new NAPA Gold oil filter. All was back to normal.

What do you think caused the water build up? I will answer that question in next weeks blog.

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Answer to last weeks question: The tire pressure monitor module must be told where each tire is now located. This is to give you the proper location of a tire which has become under inflated. .