1996 Ford F150 Daily Driver Care

As you can see, Scott is using an application pattern when waxing the van. Using a pattern in this fashion reflects less light, thus the wax job appears cleaner with fewer smudges.

Ok, we all don’t have a large polishing tool like this, but we can purchase a five inch electric polishing tool to make this job as easy as Scott shows here. If you are so fortunate to have a warm garage to work in, you can do like I do and wax your car in the middle of the winter. My Ford receives a polishing three times a year and I really believe the mid winter wax has helped preserve it the most along with regular washing.

We do use Meguiars cleaner/wax, because of ease of use and our local auto supply has it in stock. Had to mention the rag under the bottle of wax. It is there because the bottle would not stay on the sloped hood and the rag only held it here momentarily. Proof positive the wax is there.

caution: You are waxing the clear coat on top of the color of your vehicle. It is possible to polish through on the corners and edges. If you start seeing color on your polisher, you have rubbed through the clear. This may sound strange, but clear finger nail polish will work in most cases to seal the paint. ( test a spot in the door jamb first)

wax 030

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